The present company of Peter Pan Sales Ltd. originated in 1935. In 1974, the business moved its location to a new office and warehouse in Donovan’s Industrial Park where it can be readily serviced by containers.

In 1988 Peter Pan Sales Ltd. became a member of Balpex Inc., a Canadian network of paper and packaging distributors. This allows Peter Pan Sales Ltd. to offer our customers the most innovative products and through our supplier base the most competitive pricing in the food service, industrial and sanitation products industry.

Peter Pan Sales Ltd. also acts as a broker for a number of manufacturers of household, confectionary, food and personal care products with representation going back almost thirty years or more.

In 1991, the existing premises were expanded. In this expansion the warehouse capacity was almost doubled to a total of 18,500-sq. ft. to include 20-foot ceilings, sprinkler system and five shipping and receiving doors. Presently Peter Pan Sales Ltd. has a staff of 15 which consists of 5 people in sales and merchandising, 6 people in the office and clerical and 4 people in warehousing and shipping. Our sales people cover the Whole Island and Labrador. We have one sales person located on the West Coast of the province.

Peter Pan Sales Ltd. delivers in St.John’s area with our own trucks and ships throughout the province via outside carriers.   Peter Pan Sales Ltd. uses an IBM AS/400 computer system and earlier this year installed additional software to become year 2000 compliant.